Premium White Kurta Set with Floral Embroidery

Regular price $149.99CAD
Regular price Sale price $149.99CAD

Premium White Kurta Set with Floral Embroidery

Regular price $149.99CAD
Regular price Sale price $149.99CAD


Introducing ‘Premium White Kurta Set with Floral Embroidery”, a mesmerizing white embroidered outfit that is a perfect blend of tradition and modern style. This ensemble includes a kurta, pant, and dupatta, all exquisitely designed to make you stand out on every occasion.

Key Features:

  • Color: The dress is adorned in an elegant shade of white, symbolizing purity and grace.
  • Fabric: Made from premium quality fabric that ensures comfort while giving a flattering silhouette.
  • Design: The outfit features a classic kurta-pant-dupatta style, enhanced with modern design elements for the contemporary woman.
  • Embroidery: Beautifully embellished with colorful floral embroidery that adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to the attire.
  • Neckline: The kurta boasts a simple yet elegant round neckline that complements the overall aesthetic of the dress.
  • Sleeves: Full-length sleeves are detailed with matching embroidery, amplifying the outfit’s harmonious elegance.
  • Detailing: Intricate lace detailing on the borders of the kurta and dupatta infuses an element of sophistication.
  • Size Availability: Crafted to fit every body type, it is available in various sizes.
  • Occasion: Perfect for festive seasons, and other occasions where traditional elegance is admired.



Please note: The actual color may vary slightly due to different lighting conditions or display settings. Follow the specific care instructions provided to maintain your dress’s allure.


As you step into the limelight, the “Premium White Kurta Set with Floral Embroidery” whispers secrets of tradition, whispers of modernity, and whispers of your unique radiance. 🌟✨

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