Blush Petal Ensemble

Regular price $124.99CAD
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Blush Petal Ensemble

Regular price $124.99CAD
Regular price Sale price $124.99CAD


Discover the enchantment of our 'Teal Mirage' ensemble, a signature piece from our festive Eid collection. This dress is a blend of deep teal elegance with a modern twist, adorned with traditional block prints and reflective mirror work for a touch of glamour.

Key Features:

  • Color: A deep, rich teal serves as the backdrop for contrasting traditional block print patterns, creating a majestic and soothing palette.
  • Fabric: Crafted from the finest lawn fabric, it promises breathability and a graceful fall, ensuring you stay comfortable while looking sophisticated.
  • Design: The kameez is tailored in a flattering straight-cut design, embracing simplicity with a hint of contemporary flair.
  • Embroidery: Adorned with handcrafted mirror work and detailed embroidery that capture the light and eyes of onlookers, adding an element of festive shine.
  • Neckline: Features a modest yet stylish neckline, which complements the intricate detailing of the dress.
  • Sleeves: Embellished with coordinating print and mirror work, the long sleeves enhance the dress’s regal charm.
  • Detailing: The dress is thoughtfully detailed with mirror work along the hem and cuffs, blending traditional craft with modern style.
  • Size Availability: Offered in a variety of sizes to ensure a fit that feels custom-made.
  • Occasion: Perfect for Eid gatherings or any occasion where you wish to exude elegance and cultural beauty.

Please note that while we strive to accurately represent the color, due to different monitor settings, the actual hue may vary slightly. Follow the care instructions to keep your dress as stunning as you are.

"Step into the festive season with our 'Teal Mirage'—a dress that mirrors the tranquil depth of the ocean and the vibrant spirit of Eid!"

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